Kite Flying

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Me with my chosen kite

Higher ! Higher!

Kites 'War Zone'?

Having fun handling the kite..

Here's my kite flying up there!!

After pestering my dear Hubby on kite flying for almost a year plus, we finally or shall I said, 'I' finally fufill the dream today. I still remember I used to fly the kites when I was small with my mom and dad at our hometown beach side. My Hubby was telling me about getting the perfect kite from his hometown (Ipoh) - from an uncle who used to sell kites when he were small. You all should know by now, he never really managed to find the uncle. That's the reason for the delay of this playing/flying kite thingy till now. We went to Kepong Metropolitan Park around 5pm. We can see many families with young children coming to the park for relaxation and of course showing off their kite flying skills. The sky were filled with colourful kites which comes in different sizes and designs. Me and Hubby had a great and fun time flying the kite that we bought from the kite seller in the park. I am looking forward for another session soon. Hmm, hopefully the next session wouldn't be another year .. (Hint: Dear, you got the message.. :P So when is our next outing??? )


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