Honey Black Pepper Steak

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wine anyone??

Yum yum. Bought from bakery..

Our main meal for dinner...

Empty glass?? Wine plz...

Candles to create more 'feel'.. ? U think so?

We have officially moved in to our new place for almost 4 months now. Being a lazy bum, I have not actually cooked or utilize our new kitchen area after spending a small fortune in that section of our love nest. So today, I decided to cook something special for us. I have been contemplating of trying to dish up steak since last year. Well, better late than never. I had prepared side dishes like mashed potato, roasted tomatoes, mushroom soup (Campbell's) and garlic bread for our main meal. Here's the picture of our first 'home cooked meal'. Bon appetit!


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