My First Bento

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My creation for lunch..

Close up for my god-sis Bento..

Cute animals picks..

This is for US (Hubby and I).. Not that cute hor..

The 'main actor' of the day...

We have a special guest in our house. My Mum's god-daughter aka Ms Lee.. Since the young brat is around, I had decided to give her a small surprise by making this Bento. I always have that thought that youngster love cute stuffs (cute toys, cute books and bla.. bla .. bla..) Therefore, I wanted to make sumthing that's cute for her lunch today since last two months ago, I had been on this bento equipment collecting craze. I sort of buy and keep lots of the cute little moulds, picks and cutter for making bento..Therefore, this is the time to really utilize some of the stuffs that's in my collection. So, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, 'TA DA'..... MY FIRST BENTO.
*Sushi rice recipe can be found here and tamago recipe can be found here.


Petite Lass said...

The Bento looks great! So colourful.

twinklestar said...

Thanks alot.. :) I am very happy for the results too..

joanne wong said...

so nice!! look like bought from outside. you have improve a lot and now like profession teaching in cooking....when we have the chance to test it??

twinklestar said...

Hehe.. When the timing is 'ngam' lo.. :)

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