Jalan-jalan Cari Makan - Melaka

Sunday, March 8, 2009

This pics are funny...

Me with the flowers at Stadhuys

The 3 guys...

Satay celup!! My FAVE!! Can't find it anywhere but in Melaka only..

One of the must have in Melaka - Cendol..

Chicken rice balls..

We had decided to venture into a 'Jalan-jalan Cari Makan' one day trip to Melaka for this long weekend with two of our friends. We started the journey around 9am from our place and MELAKA here we come to eat, walk and not to mention playing a part to contribute to the jam in the town. We had stop half way in Seremban to had our breakfast and Hubby's bro and sis-in law and course their two lovely daughters had join us for our breakfast. After some chit-chatting and makan-ing session, we continued our journey. The jam was quite bad in the town area, I suppose all folks took the opportunity to visit the historical city during this short holiday break. Our first destination - Jonker Street. Every little spot in Jonker Street were pack with people. Some of the stuffs we had there were - of coz their famous cendol, chicken rice ball, asam laksa, curry laksa and in this trip we bought ourselves 'Lou Poh Biscuits' aka Wife Biscuits. After Jonker Street, we went to the famous red building in town (Stadhuys) and A Famosa aka Porta de Santiago for some photo taking session. You guys definately can't believe it that for this trip, I had some time to drop by to my favourite shop - Daiso to grab some new bento stuffs in their store as well. The guys are amazed of that ability of mine. :P I guess I am really a born shopaholic, can shop and shop where ever I go.. Hehe.. And of coz how can we leave Melaka before savouring their must have - SATAY CELUP (my fave).. Yum yum.. I am hoping we can have this kinda trip once in a while to satisfy my taste buds..


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