Lunch Bento #2 (Boy and Girl Bento)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Boy and girl shaped sushi rice

Aren't they cute... :)

There's even small container and dripper for sauce too...

The girl..

And of coz the boy..

I decided to create cartoon characters (Kyaraben) for Hubby's lunch bento today. Kyaraben is short for character bento, which are lunchboxes (bento) that depict the face or image of a cartoon character or superhero using various ingredients. I had prepared all the ingredients the night before thus making the preparation in the morning much more easier. I had used sushi rice for this bento and moulded it into a boy and girl character. It's pretty to fun to assemble this bento. Besides rice, I had stir-fried broccoli and carrots (sliced, and cut into flower shapes) as the source of fibres and pan-fried the ginger marinated fish fillets. Since I had some leftovers of chuka idako and japanese cucumber in my fridge, it was placed into the lunch box as well to create more varities in Hubby's lunch. So, assembled everything together, we have a boy and girl surrounded with a garden of vegetables.. :)


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