Lunch Bento #1

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bento for lunch..

When can we eat ler... ??

Cute cherry tomatoes...

Heart, boy and girl shaped breads..

Yummylicious kiwi and cucumber as side dishes..

Main meal - instant noodle.. (lazy rite...)

Side by side..

I had finally understand the sense of achievement for those who love to prepare the cute and yummylicious looking bentos. The feeling was just so great. I had fun preparing for Hubby's lunch bento yesterday night. It is indeed a great sense of achievement to decorate and prepare this lovely meals. Hubby was curious actually with my latest craze over this bento making thingy. I guess he has been quite used to the idea by now. I had shifted from cooking craze to baking craze to gardening craze and now the latest 'in' trend for me - BENTO making. This bento was indeed so easy to prepare. We just need to cut of the bread and cheese using the cookie cutter. The cutter that I had used for this bento are in the shaped of - HEART, BOY and GIRL (all bought from my recent favourite shop - DAISO). Besides the cute looking bread, I had used those cute animal and vegetable picks for decoration purposes for my bento. So as u can see here, Hubby's lunch consist of - Indomie Instant Noodle (the easiest to prepare early in the morning), bread with cheese and side dishes (cherry tomatoes, japanese cucumber come with thousand island dressing and kiwi). I hope to create more of these bentos' in weeks to come from now.. Stay tune.. :)


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