Lunch Bento #4 (Benny aka the Bear Bento)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can you see the similarities?

'Headshot' of Benny

Benny lying on the bed of rice and blossom shaped nori cuts

The other animals accompanying Benny...

Overall look..

Almost everything in this Bento has been prepared much earlier. The main actor for Hubby's Kyaraben for lunch today will be the 'bear bear' character on my mobile phone pouch. I was very tempted to create this cute lil' bear for my second Kyaraben. The bear was like looking at me asking me to bring him into 'life' ('Bring me to live plz.... for weeks..') or shall I say my own 'itchifying' hand was tempted to create him. Whatever the reason is, there he is now, lying on a bed of rice in the lunch Bento today. I even named him, 'Benny aka the bento bear'... Hubby's bento today consist of

Top layer - fish and vege curry
Bottom layer - cherry tomatoes, corns, crabstick, rice and of course 'Benny' with cute nori cuts.


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