Lunch Bento #8 and #9

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My bento - sandwiches, carrots and corn (at the bottom of carrots) served with Thousand Island dressing

Same as my bento except with an additional cupcake.. (Btw, the corns and dressing are missing coz I placed it in last min)

I woke up at 5.55am this morning to assemble these bentos. One for me using the new container that I had bought at Daiso (Puchong) on their first day of opening and of course another bento for my dearie Hubby..

My bento consists of sandwiches, carrots, corns with Thousand Island Dressing

Hubby's - same as mine with an extra cupcake

*I wonder whether I can have that *semangat* to do that every day* (keep wondering....)


Tmc said...

keep up the semangat :-)

twinklestar said...

Thanks for the support.. :-)

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