Crispy Crackling Roast Pork

Monday, January 4, 2010

I have always been curious to find out how the delicious Siew Yoke is made; thus prompting me to tried out some of the recipes available on the internet. My very first trial to make Siew Yoke aka roast pork. I realised that basically roasting a huge chunk of pork meat is not really that difficult at all but of course I wouldn't be able to roast the whole piggy like how the pork seller do. I am determined to get my hands on to try out the second time but of course not to soon since this huge chunk of meat have lasted us for 3 meals. I had prepared some Hainanese Chicken rice to be served with the Siew Yoke. Yummzzzz...

Note: It's best to roast the pork belly meat or '3 layer' pork meat. Hubby had chosen the wrong part of the pork thus its rather meaty. I prefer my Siew Yoke to have an equal proportion of skin, fats and meat. That's the way to have the best Siew Yoke. (though is not that friendly towards our cholesterol level); so we can have them but not to frequent since we have to be health conscious too.

Make slits on the skin. Approximately 1-2 cm apart. Don't cut it too deep, just on the surface of the skin will do.

Freshly roasted Siew Yoke.

The oil that had been dripping out from the huge chunk of meat while roasting it in the oven. Don't throw them away, you can basically use the oil to stir fry other dishes since the oil was very aromatic.

Meat... Meat... Meat... LOTS of them..

Crispy Crackling Skin Siew Yoke

Fragrant Hainanese Chicken Rice. Refer to here for recipes.

Mum's Home Made Chilli Sauce. Great for dipping meats.


1kg pork belly or 3 layer pork meat
1 tsp salt

½ tsp white pepper
½ tsp five spice powder
1½ pcs nam yue (red fermented beancurd), mashed
1 tsp wine
½ tsp sugar

  1. Use a sharp knife to score the rind, parallel incisions about 1-2cms apart.Do not cut too deep.
  2. Massage the skin with salt.
  3. Mix the marinate together and smear it onto the meat portion. Randomly poked the meat with a fork to enable the marinate to penetrate the meat.
  4. Place pork on a dish skin side up uncovered.Refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight. (Overnight is best. The meat will be more flavoursome and the skin will be thoroughly dry).
  5. Heat oven at 180 Celsius. Roast the pork belly with the meat up for 20 minutes. Then turn over with the skin up for another 25 minutes till the skin is puffing up and crackling.
  6. Take out and let it cool down first before cutting into small pieces. Make sure to scrap off the burnt part before you cut.


Simonne said...

Hi Twinklestar!
I would like to try our ur roast pork. Wanna ask when u say
"Place pork on a dish skin side up uncovered"
so we leave the pork uncovered in fridge ???

Twinklestar said...

Hi Simonne.. Happy to see you visiting my blog... :)
Jst leave the pork uncovered in the fridge so that the skin will be dry... Happy roasting!

Simonne said...

Can i know how long u left yours in fridge, overnight?
I'm planning to do this soon :D

Twinklestar said...

Simonne, it's written in the recipe in the blog. I had chosen to put into fridge overnight to bring out the flavour more.. Happy trying.

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