Pasta Zanmai

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It was a boring Sunday afternoon where both of us (Hubby and I) was 'dying' of boredom in our house. Finally we gave a call to our regular 'makan kakis' to initiate some activities (of course it is related to EATING and FOOD) on a hot and boring Sunday. So we had ended up in One Utama for some air-conditioned environment since it was super hot that day. For a change, we had opted for Japanese food. Our destination was Pasta Zanmai.

A sip of hot Ocha while waiting for our meals to be served.

We were practically spoilt for choices. Too many varieties of dishes on the menu. After cracking our head for more than 10 minutes deciding on what to ordered, here's the choices of our meals for that afternoon:

Unagi with Omelette Rice Set - LYH's choice.

CW had ordered Mini Ebi Tempura No Gomadare Pata to Mini Unagi Rice which consist of as below:

Mini Ebi Tempura with some pasta as side dish.

Unagi Rice as main dish.

Hubby and I had ordered set meals too. It consists of Miso soup and salad. I wasn't bothered to captured both of them thus no pictures taken on this two items.

Fried Ebi Curry Rice - Hubby's choice. Hubby was very delighted with the crispiness of the Fried Ebi and the aromatic curry. THUMBS UP from him.

Chicken and Mushroom Creamy Sauce Pasta - my choice. Lots of mushrooms inside this pasta. It was kinda mediocre in my opinion.

Pasta Zanmai
G210B Ground Floor Promenade,
1 Utama Shopping Centre.


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