Roasted Pork Bones and Radish Soup

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Backdated post: I had boiled this soup quite some time ago. March and April had been a very busy month for me. So many things that had take place in the past 2 months, we had went for long awaited Taiwan trip and I am have been super busy and worked out in getting getting my quotas meet for my quarterly sales. Just a word to describe it, BUSY!

Now back to my post today, this is a super easy soup to prepare. Mummy and Grandma used to prepare this soup for us when we were little. Radish was sweet after it was boiled and taste delicious when used in soups. Nothing beats the warm feeling of the tasty soup sliding down our throat to our tummy. It's heaven and course it gives us a sense of homely feel. :)


1 radish, sliced
800g roasted pork bones
1 slice dried cuttlefish
10 red dates
handful wolfberries
salt to taste

  1. Wash and peel radish. Cut into 2 inches thick.
  2. Soak and wash dried cuttlefish. Set aside.
  3. Prepare enough water in slow cooker. Add in radish, roasted pork bones, dried cuttlefish, red dates and wolfberries.
  4. Place on auto mode and once it's boiling, add in salt to taste.
  5. Serve hot or warm.


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