My First Encounter in Pizza Making - Siew Yoke Pizza

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I had purposely bought a pizza pan to get my hands on trying to make my own homemade pizza. I have browsed thru a few website on recipes for the pizza dough and also making my own pizza sauce. I had opted to try out on thin crust pizza dough recipe to make the pizza. I'm trying to be 'creative' in my first experiment making pizza and used Siew Yoke (roast pork) as one of the topping for my pizza. I wouldn't be showing the recipes for this post coz I found the thin crust pizza was a bit on hard and sauce on the watery side (not thick enough). Nevertheless, with all the 'goodies' on top of them, they tasted wonderful but with only one setback, I was too greedy on putting too much toppings and pizza sauce till I can barely cut them properly. I guess sometimes if we are too generous, it not a good thing also.

The thin crust pizza was pre-bake before the toppings added on top and send to the oven for another round of baking.

After pre-bake, toppings were added. (Note: Don't be too overly excited and put too much pizza sauce on top, if not it'll will end up like my pizza base - SOGGY coz too much sauce)

Siew Yoke are placed underneath all the capsicums, sausages and pineapples.


Siew Yoke pizza anyone??


My Little Things Corner said...

hi, i come and visit. Pizza, not bad...

Twinklestar said...

thanks... saw ur blog too... keep posting!

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