Fried Porridge Anyone?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our 'makan kakis' ventured into Klang town again for food. This time we were looking out for a place specialised in Fried Porridge situated in Taman Berkeley Klang. From my observation, they don't have a huge signage for their restaurant name but from the receipt, the restaurant was called Restoran Bubur Goreng. The most significant landmark for this restaurant was they were situated next to the Old Berkeley Cinema.

Outlook of the restaurant- the place was more like a few 'makan' stalls situated together.

Their specialised belacan sauce.

Very spicy and fragrant. Nice!

Fried Porridge -tasty and good. Can't wait to have another bowl in my next visit.

Crab Meehoon - lots of meaty crabs in their serving.

Stir-fry Yau Mak

I'll definitely come for my second, third and countless visits to this hidden gem in Klang. I love it especially the fried porridge - lots of goodies inside such as tofu, cuttlefish, pork and spring onions. Do come for a try if you never heard and taste about the fried porridge.

Restoran Bubur Goreng
Lot 6932, Lebuh Bangau Taman Berkeley,
41150 Klang,

Tel: 016-6868579


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