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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I assumed procrastination is really the thief of time. OMG, looking back at my blog now, I had realised that I had not been actively blogging since November. Here's another post that was supposed to be published long time ago. A continuation of food post on dinner with Auntie S while she was back in Malaysia. This time, we were having our dinner in Restoran Southern in Kuantan. This restaurant is famous for their roasted duck. Every year during CNY, we need to make an early booking to get their duck. So Mum and Dad decided to bring Auntie S for dinner in this place. We were practically walking to this restaurant since it is really nearby our new place. I guess around 5-7 minutes of walking distance only (very near right?). Sorry guys, I forgot to take down their shop address. Just ask around for Restoran 'Nam Fong' if you happens to be around in Kuantan town. Locals should be very familiar with this place.

Look out for their bright restaurant signage.

Or better still, a BIG gigantic roast duck signage.

We wanted to order their specialty duck but to our disappointment, they were sold out. Can you imagine that and it was just around 7pm plus. So be early guys if you wanted to try their duck. So we ordered a few order items to compensate our disappointment.

Kung Po Chicken - GOOD

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillets - above average.

Mui Choy Kau Yok - GREAT STUFF!

Old Cucumber Soup

Claypot Beancurd - above average.

Stir Fry Choy Tum - very fresh and crunchy.

All the above items total up to around RM60 with 5 rice and 5 drinks. Quite reasonably priced dinner as quoted by my Auntie S. I guessed she was converting the RM to £. Overall is a good dinner experience, nothing beats the laughter of Mum and Auntie S busy chatting up during dinner. :)


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