Ipoh to Penang Food Crawl Part 1

Saturday, December 5, 2009

We were blessed as 27th Nov 09 was a public holiday in conjunction with the Hari Raya Qurban. Much to our delight it was a Friday too which means we will have 3 consecutive non-working day. Yippee! Thus, we had decided to go for a Food Crawl Trip up North from Ipoh to Penang. We had another 2 of our regular makan kakis with us for this sinful and yummylicious food crawl trip (CW and LYH). Since CW was working on Friday morning and only joining us for dinner at night in Ipoh. So our first stop in Ipoh is non other than my favourite 'Big Small Leg' as the local called it in Pasir Pinji Ipoh. I had blogged about this place in my blog here.

Nice and cooling lime drink. Slightly different from the ones I had tasted before. Worth to try. NICE!

As usual, soft and melt in you mouth Braised Chicken Feet.

You can have a choice of noodles (meehoon, mee or kueyteow) to savour together the yummy chicken feet.

The yong tau fu aka 'liu' were ordered separately. You can pick which type you like and passed the your selection to them.

Ipoh famous Crunchy Taugeh. Yum yum.

After a wholesome and yummy meal in Restoran Kum Kee, we ventured into Ipoh town and dropped by Restoran Chee Wah for their famous chicken wings. Very nicely marinated, juicy and grilled to perfection. According to Hubby, this place is famous for their Claypot Loh Shu Fan too beside their chicken wings.

Restoran Chee Wah (I had asked 2 local Ipoh people -Hubby and LYH for their address or maybe street name, both failed to provide a name for me). So no location for this place. Sorry folks!

Aromatic and juicy grilled wings.

Their wings were so delicious.
(*I believe I can 'fly'* singing the song while eating). Hehe...

So this is our first day of our food crawl. More to come in the coming posts.
Stay tuned! .....


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