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Saturday, June 6, 2009

We were back to Ipoh over the weekend. I had always wanted to blog about my favourite makan place where I had always pestered Hubby to bring me to savour my favourite dish - Braised Chicken Feet whenever we were in Ipoh. I still remembered the first time when Hubby brought me there. I was kinda disgusted when Hubby asked to take a bite of the chicken feet. Yucks, that's my first impression but who is to know after my first bite on them. Goodness, it was so tender, soft and the gravy was so savoury and aromatic. Everything was cooked to perfection.

According to Hubby, this precious 'gem' is only known among the locals. Another famous specialities in this place is their Braised Pork Trotter. Their two specialities are widely known as 大小脚 which literally translated as 'Big Small Feet'. So some of the food that is being offered in this place.

Kuey Teow Soup

Dry Kuey Teow & Mee Hoon

My fave - Braised Chicken Feet with Braised Beancurd

The other types of 'yong tau fu' offered here.. It was something we can't find in KL coz of the fish paste that is being used

Stir-fry Taugeh - was crunchy and juicy

So guys, in case you are wondering where is this precious 'gem' located? Go and ask your Ipoh-an friend. They will definitely know the whereabouts of this restaurant. Happy feet- hunting!


Sue Me said...

Awesome makan place but then a lot of people do not know this place. People are usually will recommend Ong Kee or Lou Wong for these sort of food. :(

Twinklestar said...

Yup yup.. Totally agree with u Sue. This is worthy place to visit for their food. Good value for money.

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