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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Every time when I were back home, Mummy always dish up yummylicious food for me. So for our lunch today, we have a few yummy home cooked food. According to Hubby, he realised that my Mummy always cooked curry whenever we were back and I always answered him back, 'Of coz la, Mummy knows I love curry mar..' (speaking with a cheeky smile) There's another must have on the dining table most of time when I am around but this time it was missing. So guys, wanna guess what is the 'must have' dish? Hopefully Mummy will make it when I go back the next trip so that I can snap the picture of it.

So for our lunch today, we have a few yummy home cooked food. One of them is using the leftover pork trotter vinegar gravy that I had cooked. Mummy added pork belly into the gravy and VOILA!; we had another round of sourish, spicy and sweet pork belly vinegar. Since I had just mentioned curry was my favourite, we had wild boar curry. According to Mummy, the wild boar meat was given by our neighbour every time he came back for hunting. Of course Mummy tried to boiled soup for us too - pig intestine soup. It's not actually my 'cup of soup' coz I don't eat internal organs. Nevertheless, the soup is good.

With so many meaty dishes, we need to strike a balance too. We had simple stir-fry vegetables and not forgotten we had dessert too, but too bad I was too engrossed in eating them that I forgot to snap a picture of it. It's bird nest!! Yum yum.. It feels so good to be back at parents' place. I will have lots of good and yummy food and most importantly it's Mummy's home cooked food. I MISS HOME now... Sob sob.... Hope to go back again soon.. :)

Pig Intestine Soup

Wild Boar Curry

Pork Belly Vinegar

Simple Stir-fry Vege


pearly said...

everything look yummy. i bet ur mom's a good cook.. u must have taken after her hihi ;p

twinklestar said...

I cook with a book in my hand.. Mum cook with her instint.. Still long way more for me...

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