Herbal Tea

Saturday, December 19, 2009

During unpredictable weather like what we are facing in Malaysia, it's best to take herbal tea in order to reduce the 'heatiness' in our body. We can either order this 'leong sui/leong char' in the Chinese restaurant or we can even boil it in our home. The pre-pack herbal tea is widely sold in all the Chinese medicinal hall. A packet of the herbal tea ingredients cost around RM4-8 (depends on the ingredients inside). The process of boiling the drink is very simple.

First, we need to rinse the herbs. Put the herbs into a pot and add enough water. Bring it to boil for 1-2hours. Add in rock sugar to taste.

Filter out the herbs.

A glass of herbal tea for you to enjoy. For those who prefer to take their drinks cold, you can actually put the herbal tea in the fridge.

With such a simple steps, it's definitely not an excuse for us to prepare a refreshing and healthy herbal tea drink at the comfort of our own home.


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