Fruit Rojak

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

There's a few first in this post. This is my first time making Rojak; first time using our blender; first time cutting up a pineapple (and it is a tedious job - for me of course) and the most importantly the day that I made this Rojak was our First Year Wedding Anniversary. Sure lot's of firsts. We had this for our breakfast on our anniversary. Weird combination for breakfast but what the heck rite. As long as both of us enjoy it.

I am using the Rojak sauce that we had bought in our Penang trip. I had roasted the peanuts earlier and blend it to ground peanuts using the blender. Basically we can put any types of fruits that we like and make it into Fruit Rojak. I have yam bean (sengkuang), pineapples, cucumber, mangoes and water apples. Cut the fruits, drizzled them with the sauce and ground peanuts and tossed them all together. Our Rojak is ready to be served.

Before tossing them with the sauce.

I had put a lot of ground peanuts in the Rojak coz I love peanuts! Yumz..


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