Ipoh to Penang Food Crawl Part 3

Saturday, December 5, 2009

This is a continuation post from the earlier ones. We were heading up north to continue our gastronomic adventure. Penang here we come! None of us were actually familiar with the roads in Penang but as CW said, 'The worst of is we ended up rounding the whole island. As long as we were still in the island, we should be fine'. Hmmm, quite true since our main objective is to look for food in Penang and every where in the island, there is food.

140km to go....

Before we realised, we were at the bridge d... Our destination is approaching..

First stop, Queensbay Mall - one of the biggest shopping mall in the island.

Since we were quite full from our breakfast, we decided to go window shopping in the mall first. In the previous night, I had searched over the Internet and there's one particular restaurant that caught my attention in this mall - T-Bowl Restaurant ( A restaurant setup based on the theme of bathroom, toilet bowl and etc). I supposed it was the first outlet in Malaysia. There's another one opening soon in Kuala Lumpur. So after strolling around in the mall, we decided to pay this funny themed restaurant a visit for a light meal or shall I rightfully say to try out their dishes served in eeeer,,,, 'Toilet bowl?"

Of course, when we were there, I took the opportunity to snap some of the photos of their interior. Here you go ----------

A shower head in the restaurant? Anyone care to shower here??? Hehehe...

Some of the miniature items on display at their counter.

We were practically seating at a toilet bowl (as chair) and wash basin (as table). Cool setup!

Different designs on the toilet bowl.

Some of their food items in the menu display on their wall.

Funny and cute comics too..

Lime juice to quench our thirst.

What do you think? Does this ice-cream dessert resemble something familiar to you?

Still can't guess what it resemble? Look at another picture to freshen up your memory... :P

TAAADAAAA - the master piece. Porridge in 'you know what'....

Me posing with the porridge...

See my face? Am sitting at the toilet bowl and pretending........ Wakakakaka...

Go and try out the new place if you 'dare' or brave for new stuffs. Definitely not for the faint- hearted. I believe it's just all in our mind. If we don't think too much, it should be okay to give this place a try. :)


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