Crocodile Rock Restaurant

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our whole family decided to go and try something different for dinner. Since Mum and Dad rarely take western food, we decided to go to Crocodile Rock Restaurant in Kuantan. The restaurant was actually a one storey bungalow setup restaurant. You can opt to sit indoor or outdoor once you were inside but being an air-cond person like me, of course I'll choose indoor. (I wanna be eating the food and not being food to the mosquitoes in the area especially during night time.... :D )

One big happy family.... :)

The entrance of the restaurant.

Their menu.

Ordering food for our parents are definitely a 'hard' task since both of them don't really fancy anything that is cheesy and Dad (not a beef or lamb lover). Thus we had ordered a grilled chicken for Dad and salmon steak for Mum. Both commented their main dishes were good. As for me, I had ordered Carbonara Spaghetti, Hubby ordered Beef Burger, Sis ordered Rib-Eye Steak and Pizza Margherita for all of us to share. Overall, the dining experience is the place is good. Their setup is cosy and is a good place for friend to dine in and catch up.

Fruit Punch

Kiwi Freeze

Grilled Chicken for Dad.

Beef Burger for Hubby.

Carbonara Spaghetti for Me.

Salmon Steak for Mum.

Rib Eye Steak for Sis.

Pizza Margherita for sharing.

Their place was decorated with Xmas tree to boost up the Xmas feel during this festive season.


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