Ipoh to Penang Food Crawl (Finale)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Finally, we have reach to the end of our crazy and full of sinful food crawl. We were back in Ipoh after the heavy dinner in Penang Island. What else to do once we were up from bed? Well, you're absolutely correct! EAT again. CW wanted to go to Dai Shue Keok (Big Tree Leg) for breakfast. That's my first time having breakfast there too. Usually Hubby and I will only be going there for lunch or evening tea time. I can't imagine that early in the morning the place is already crowded with people. I guess FOOD = MANY PEOPLE.

Some of items available in this place.

Varieties of fruit juices too.

Majority of people going to Dai Shue Keok will be having their 'liu fan' (noodles plus yong tau fu stuffs). Some of the items available and pricing. Very reasonably priced food stuffs. We definitely can't get the same quality with the same price tag anywhere in KL.

Their menu and pricing.

You can freely pick up whichever 'liu' that you wanted and place in a bowl. Mentioned to the workers there what types of noodles you want (mee, kuey teow, etc and curry, laksa etc) and mentioned where you sit and you can go back to your table and wait for the food items to come.

Queuing up for the cook to prepare.

This is what we ordered. Full of fish paste, crunchy and yummy 'liu'.

We were really big eaters here. Another bowl for our table.

Eat the 'liu' with the choice of noodles you want.

If you're not really into the 'liu fan' thingy, there's plenty of other choices for you to choose. For example, Nasi Nyonya that is being ordered by CW. According to CW, the rice was good. So something new to try out if you wanted to have rice.

Nasi Nyonya

So that's the end of our food crawl for this holiday. Oh ya, before we went back to KL, we were actually having lunch in my in-laws house. No pictures from them, I don't want to been seen as a wacko by my in-laws of snapping food in the dining table. Till then.... ADIOS!


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