Ipoh to Penang Food Crawl Part 2

Saturday, December 5, 2009

After our chicken wing meal for supper, we were heading for some Dim Sum breakfast the following day at 8.30am. Due to the large holiday crowd in Ipoh, we decided to go for Dim Sum in the Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum (situated opposite Foh San Dim Sum) in the hope for a lesser crowd and we were so wrong.

On the way for pipping hot and yummy Dim Sum.

As what we had predicted earlier, all the eatery places were jam packed with people (locals and of course tourists). I supposed 'kiasu-ism' needs to kick in whenever we were looking for a table during this peak season. The four of us waited around 20 minutes to get our seats in Ming Court. Not too bad for a waiting time after all taking into consideration it's a holiday weekend.

Our tables were fulled of various Dim Sum.

Flaky egg tarts

Some fried stuffs, forgot what it is.

Loh Bak Ko aka Radish Cake

Steamed Spare Ribs

Different type of Siew Mai

Har Kow Lookalike

Another Steamed Dim Sum

Fish Ball

Loh Mai Kai

Fried Fish Balls

Black Sesame Dessert

Sang Yuk Pau

Fillings inside the pau.

Wondering how jam packed the restaurant is? Have a look at the picture yourself to get the answer.

Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum Restaurant

Overall, the Dim Sum offered in Ming Court were good but I still prefer the ones prepared in Foh San. Maybe it's just my preference. Different people have different taste buds. Hehe... So after our Dim Sum breakfast, we were heading up north to Penang for another round of foodilicious trip. See you guys again in my next post.

Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum Restaurant
32, 34, 36 Jln Leong Sin Nam,
30300 Ipoh, Perak.


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