Jogoya Restaurant

Sunday, December 6, 2009

We had our first wedding anniversary dinner celebration in Jogoya. You're right! We were extremely excited once we stepped into the buffet line. So many varieties of food to try out. Being a greedy pot like I always do, I practically picked almost everything that caught my attention. So not much of words in this post, I'll let my pictures do the talking. :P

At the entrance of the restaurant.

We were seated at table 5 for the dinner.

Are you guys ready for yummylicious food? 1, 2, 3 ..... START....

Ways to prepare 'steamboat' stuffs - all written at the counter.

Not sure what to do? Spent a minute or two to get it right.

Different soups to use for the 'steamboat'.

Different varieties of seafood to cook with the soup.

Spoilt of choices right? Hehe..

Not so sure what are they? Maybe some sort of pickles.

Deed fried fish skin (If I remember correctly)
Fresh shasimi

Some type of fish.

Sliced Abalone.

Oyster, oyster and oyster!

Sushi! Sushi! My FAVE!


Sushi galore.

Fresh and yummy.

Salmon - one of my fave.

There are some items that we can actually ordered from the counter and the waitress will send it to our table once they had prepared it. All we need to do was just to place the table clip with our table number in the bowl placed at the counter. Simple and easy! Below are the items that we had ordered and send to our place.


Unagi. They taste so GOOD!

Oyster - black bean sauce.

Glutinous rice with abalone.

Shark fin soup.

Satay satay!

Grilled lamb chop.

Steamed Red Snapper.

Grilled Fish.

Grilled Fish (I forget the name of the dish)

Cod Fish

Baked Crabs.

After all the hearty dish, now it's dessert time. They have a wide varieties of cakes and dessert for you to choose to. Good news for for sweet tooth lovers!

And the best of all, they serve Haagen Dazs in the dessert section. I had 4 scoops of them. So sinful but yet so delicious. Who can resist Haagen Dazs rite? :)
Do you want a scoop?

We were basically stuffed to the max when we left Yogoya. Haiz.. Few kgs gained after the meal. Diet time SOON!


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