Happy Mother's Day - Sendo No Ya Restaurant

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Today is a special day for all Mothers in the world, it's MOTHER'S DAY. On this special day, we had brought our parents to try out Japanese food in Sendo No Ya in Kuantan. This is the first time they had tried Japanese food. Most items that we had ordered from the menu was consider 'safe' food for both Daddy and Mummy. 'Safe' food in this context is merely defined as food items that were serve cooked since both of them don't really fancy raw food items such as sashimi. So we ordered quite a number of items from the menu ranging from rice, tempura, sushi and sashimi (for Sis, Hubby and I).

The food was consider quite good but definitely not the service in the restaurant. We need to request more than 5 times to get our tea being refilled in a few occasions; maybe due to the overwhelming crowd that came in to the restaurant for this special occasion to have dinner with their family, the restaurant do not have enough manpower to handle it but I think it shouldn't be the way especially when they are charging 10% service charge on the bill. They definitely need improvement on their service. Nevertheless, Mummy and Daddy was quite satisfied with the food that was served for the night. Interested to know what we had for the night, scroll down and have a peek.

Take Sushi and Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi

Unagi Don

Karubi Don

Oyako Don

Tori Katsu Curry Rice

Ebi Fried Don

Komachi Ika

Hampan Age

Kaki Age

We had our mini cake cutting ceremony back home. I had bought a Pistachio Cream Cake for Mummy. We had a good time for the past 2 days. So this post specially dedicated to my beloved Mummy who had gave us unconditional love all these years.


MUMMY, We Love You! Thanks for everything!


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