My Birthday Celebration 2010 Part 1 - A Taiwan Affair

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A year had passed and I am older or should I say 'wiser'. Yup, my birthday was here again. OMG, how I wish now I can turn back the time and be a teenager again but what the heck rite, we do get old eventually. So back to my birthday celebration with my Hubby, we had a small cake cutting session back at our love nest; just the two of us. He had took the trouble of getting the cake earlier and purposely driving back to our place to place the cake in the fridge during his lunch time but little that he knew, the cake was slightly ruined, the wordings of my birthday cake was a bit 'cacat' due to the chocolate piece falling out of their initial place. Was it bad? Neh, not really that bad but it does look kinda funny. Wondering how it end up to be? Here u go..........

My little 'imperfect' birthday cake which was eventually made perfect with the presence of dear Hubby singing the birthday song to me....

Since I am kinda busy with my new job, there's not much fancy celebration on my birthday as it falls on a weekday. We ventured into Sunway Pyramid to look for some good food and ended up in a Taiwanese restaurant - Xian Ding Wei. We must have caught the 'Taiwan food bug' after our recent travel to their country.

'What Do You Want To Eat?' as written on their menu.

Each of us ordered set meals which consists of rice (braised pork rice/plain rice), 3 side dishes, 1 soup and 1 main dishes. I had chosen Sweet Sour Pork set and Hubby had picked the Pepper Steak set.We even ordered another side dish - Special Chicken Roll. Apparently the restaurant are having some promotion where if we ordered more than RM60, we can actually ordered one dish at the price of RM1. Since we were entitled for that, we had ordered their Chicken in 3 Variety of Sauce. Wow, can you imagine how pack our table is when all the food arrive? Hehe.. Both of us are really big eaters! 'Paiseh paiseh'.

Braised Pork Rice

Yummy soup and their side dishes.

Sweet Sour Pork - LOVE IT!

Pepper Steak - cooked perfectly - juicy and yet tender.

Chicken in 3 Variety of Sauces - very aromatic. I love it, but Hubby don't quite fancy them.

Special Chicken Roll

Mixed Fruit Tea - definitely recommended. Give it a try if you visit this place.

Sour plum Jasmine Tea

We had a great time and enjoyable meal in this place. We gonna come back for more next time to sample their other dishes.

This post was specially dedicated to my dear Hubby,
'Thanks for all your love and effort put in to make this date an enjoyable and memorable day'.


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