Stir-Fry Ginger Chicken with Siew Pak Choy and Grapefruit

Saturday, August 2, 2008

This is the 3rd day I am trying out the Grapefruit Diet. I had simple breakfast and lunch for three consecutive days. I had hard boiled eggs with grapefruit for breakfast and hard boiled eggs with carrots and grapefruit for lunch due to time constraint and of course due to the reason I am working during weekdays. Therefore, I can't really cooked for this two meals. For dinner, I'll try to pamper myself with something special rather than having the same stuffs over and over again. If not, sooner or later I'll turn myself into a bunny, munching carrots everyday. Oh my god, I am starting to hallucinate due to all this constraint from eating all my favourite food. Hehe. Just kidding. :p Today, I had dished up stir-fry siew pak choy and chicken marinated with ginger marinade. Yum yum.. It might be a simple meal but for a person who is on diet (me), the dishes was really superb and a saviour to my hungry tummy. It was so fulfilling. What shall I prepared for tomorrow?? I am running out of idea for my dinner tomorrow. Headache, headache..

P/s: Do have a look at the last picture, guess that I am too hungry until I can finished up everything within minutes. Kakaka...


Dennis said...

Haha....I dunno u realise or not as all th food you are srve using the samne you just hav the only 1 plate at ur home? hohohoh kidding

twinklestar said...

Hehe.. I have more then one plate of course but all the same design lo.. You wanna sponsor a nice set of plates for me??

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