Stir Fry Siew Yoke with Salted Vegetables

Friday, April 22, 2011

It seems like I have lots of backdated post in my blog. Am kinda lazy nowadays in updating them. So back to this post, there's a 3 huge pieces of Siew Yoke sitting in my freezer waiting to be cook. I really need to speed up the process of using all of them and with my current pace of cooking, fingers crossed I can used all of them by early May. *In case you guys wondering why take so long to finish up all of it? There's only 2 of us and I don't cook on a daily basis thus the longer time frame to use up all of them.

I have been searching for other recipes using Siew Yoke as a stir fry dish and bump into this recipe from Piggy's blog. Go and hop over for the recipe in her blog. Have fun stir-fry this sinful yet delicious meat.... Slurp.......


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