Claypot Chicken Rice

Monday, August 3, 2009

Claypot chicken rice is a very popular dish in Malaysia. Malaysian normally will eat this dish as their lunch or even dinner. The rice were normally cooked in a claypot. Thus, it is called Claypot Chicken Rice. The rice were cooked in the claypot first and followed by arranging the ingredients like chicken pieces, halved mushrooms, sliced Chinese sausages and salted fish on top of the rice. All placed in one pot and cooked. Sliced spring onions were garnished on the cooked claypot rice and dark soy sauce and oil drizzled on top. Therefore, it can be rightfully categorized as 'One Pot Cooking'. If you don't have a claypot, this dish can be prepare using our rice cooker too. Of course we wouldn't be able to have the crispy burnt rice on the bottom if rice cooker is used. I always loved to scrape off the burnt rice every time having this comfort food coz it's the best part of the claypot rice.

Once the rice were cooked for approximately 15 mins, arranged the marinated chicken on top of the rice.

Secondly, arranged the sliced mushrooms.

Followed by Chinese sausages and fried salted fish.

After cooking for another 15 minutes to ensure the other ingredients to be cooked. Leave to stand for 10 minutes till rice is dry and fluffy. Drizzled the oil and dark soy sauce on top. Garnish with spring onions.

My delish comfort food ready to be serve.


2 cups rice, washed and drained
3 cups chicken stock (3 tsp chicken stock + 3 cups water)
500g chicken pieces
6 mushrooms, soaked, cut into half
1 Chinese sausage, sliced
2 cm thick salted fish, sliced thinly, fried till crispy (save the oil for the rice later)
1 tbsp black soya sauce
2 tbsp garlic oil
2 tbsp salted fish oil (used earlier for frying the salted fish)
1 stalk spring onion, sliced (garnishing)


2 tbsp light soy sauce
2 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tbsp cooking wine
1 tsp of ginger marinade
1 tbsp sesame oil
½ tsp pepper
½ tsp sugar
½ tbsp corn flour

  1. Mix chicken, mushrooms with marinade and season for 30 minutes.
  2. Put rice and chicken stock into a clay pot, cover and bring to boil lower fire and cook with low heat till holes are formed on top. (About 15 minutes)
  3. Arrange marinated chickens and mushrooms, Chinese sausage and salted fish on top. Pour the remaining marinade on the rice.
  4. Cover and cook with low heat till rice is dry and chicken pieces are cooked (another 15 minutes). Remove from fire.
  5. Cover and leave to stand for 10 minutes till rice is dry and fluffy.
  6. Drizzle with dark soy sauce, garlic and salted fish oil. Garnish with spring onions.
  7. Mix well to combine all the ingredients with rice. Serve hot with vegetables.


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