Coconut Candy

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I had made this candies to bring back to my hometown in conjunction with parents' house warming party. This candies recipe came into my mind as one of the desserts for the party. I remember Mum used to make this when we were small. The taste was delicious and of coz sweet. It was supposed to be pressed hard to form a more dense structure but I didn't pressed them hard enough. The end result - it's formed with bits of grated coconut shreds sticking out. I am quite pleased with it's 'new' form since it gave more coconut 'feel'. Hehe...


350g grated coconut
480g sugar
170g evaporated milk
50g butter
1 tsp vanilla essence
a few drops of food colouring

  1. Place all the ingredients except butter together into a heavy saucepan and stir continuously over heat until sugar dissolves.
  2. Add in butter and continue stirring until mixture thickens.
  3. Pour thickened mixture into a greased square tray and press till the surface is even.
  4. Leave to set and cool.
  5. When slightly cool, cut into squares.
  6. When completely cooled to room temperature, store in airtight containers.


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