Fried Spring Rolls (Popiah)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Once awhile I will buy some fried spring rolls (popiah) from nearby Malay food stall. But the taste wise or shall I say the ingredients inside was rather not satisfying. Due to increase in pricing for all the food ingredients, we can only get some tiny looking popiah from the stalls. Thus, I decided to make my own spring rolls to satisfy my taste bud. It was really fun to be involve in the whole making process. All the ingredients was very colourful and vibrant. It definitely increase the joy of making them. You don't believe is colourful?? You can have a look from the pictures below..

Happy cooking!!

Picture tutorial of popiah making:

Pan fry diced beancurd till brown. Dish up and set aside.

Sauteed shallots and garlic till fragrant with some oil.

Add in minced prawns. Stir awhile.

Add in diced french beans and shredded carrots.

Stir till well mixed. Add in shredded sengkuang. Stir well sengkuang and the rest of ingredients till it's soft. Add in salt, sugar and pepper to taste. Place a popiah skin on kitchen top. Add in cooked ingredients on top of the skin. Top up with pan fry beancurd. Roll up to form spring roll and set to hot oil to deep fry in wok till golden brown. Juicy inside and crunchy outside spring roll. The filling inside of the spring roll.
Best to serve with chilli sauce or it's good to even eat it on it's own. Thumbs UP!!


3 large prawns (shelled, deveined, and chopped into small pieces)

2 piece bean curd, diced

1 garlic, chopped

3 shallots, chopped

1 sengkuang, shredded

1 carrot, shredded

8 french beans, diced

salt, sugar and pepper to taste

frozen popiah skin


cornstarch solution to seal the skin


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