Coca-cola Wings

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I bet most of us have tasted Coca-cola in some part of our lives. Coca-cola or famously known as Coke is a carbonated soft drink which is loved by young and adults. Besides serving it's purpose as a fizzy drink, there's various recipes that had used Coca-cola as part of the ingredients too. Today, I have tried to prepare to Coca-cola wings for dear Hubby's friend's house warming party.

The process of preparing them was pretty easy. I had included some pictorial tutorial in this post as well.

Heat up wok. Fry the wings till it's golden brown both sides without using oil. Set aside.

Heat up some oil in wok. Saute garlic, ginger, spring onions, cinnamon sticks and red chili till fragrant.

Add in wings, Coca-cola and rest of the seasonings.

Let it simmer till the gravy is boiling. Reduce to medium heat and let it simmer till gravy is thicken.

Stir well as the gravy is thicken to ensure the wings are well coated. Dish up and serve while it's still warm.

Aren't the wings looks so apetising and tempting??


1 kg chicken wings
5 tbsp light soy sauce
5 tbsp Shao Xing wine
2 tbsp cooking oil
1 small chunk ginger, sliced
2 stalk spring onion, use only the white part
5 clove garlic, bashed
3 star anise
1 cinnamon stick
1 red chilli
3 tbsp light soy sauce
2 tsp dark soy sauce
2 tsp honey
3 tbsp Shao Xing wine
350ml or 1 standard size can of regular Coca-cola


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