Evening in Sepang Gold Coast and Tg Sepat

Monday, April 13, 2009

We had initially planned to go to Sepang Gold Coast with two of our friends for an evening walk and dinner. Unfortunately luck was not at our side coz it's been raining the whole day. We barely can go down to take a stroll at the beach side. We only managed to stand at the beach front with umbrellas. Sigh, what a disappointment! There's goes my plan for capturing sun set at the beach. After spending more than half an hour at Sepang Gold Coast hoping that the rain will subside *sigh, false hope!*, we decided to drive down to Tanjung Sepat for our dinner. The rain was extremely heavy even when we reach Tanjung Sepat.

We had chosen the most patronized restaurant (OCEN Seafood) for our dinner. It was so PACKED!While waiting for our dinner, I had managed to snap some photos of the beach front from the restaurant since the restaurant was situated just beside the 'Lovers' Bridge' named by the resident there. Hmm, but from the outlook of the bridge, I wonder whether is there any lovers will gonna 'pak toh' around the area... Have a look at the pictures above to decide yourself ya..

Dead trees at the beach front

Lovers' Bridge, anyone interested to take a stroll here? Btw, can you see how rough the sea is?

After waiting and waiting for our food to arrive and reminding the waiter TWICE to serve our drinks, our food had finally arrived. The hokkien mee was too oily for my liking. My favourite dish for our dinner will be the sizzling fried oyster egg (Or Jian). Definately a THUMBS UP on it! The rest of the dish was just average. Maybe we will come back and sampled other types of seafood dish since most of table have fish on their table.

Hokkien Mee

Chinese Fried Rice

Steamed La-la

Bitter gourd Egg

MY FAVE -Sizzling plate 'OR JIAN' @ Fried Oyster Egg


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