Lunch Bento #11

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yee mee, cabbage and onigiri..

Edameme, quails and sliced mangoes

Overall bento..

Today I woke up quite late and was rushing all the way preparing this bento for Hubby. I should have place all the necessary stuffs out last night before going to bed but unfortunately I didn't which explains all the rushing last min thingy happening this morning. So for his bento today

Top layer - quail eggs, edameme and sliced mangoes
Bottom layer - braised yee me, cabbage with fish cake and onigiri

I am rushing till I barely had time to place everything nicely and take the pictures nicely. Sigh... I need more TIME!!!


Screamin' Mama said...

Love your Bentos. I want to start making Bentos too but have to find some cute boxes first. I love Hello Kitty.

twinklestar said...

I love Hello Kitty too. Will try to make it as Bento in future too..

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