Zende Restaurant (Seri Pacific Hotel)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tonight we had a buffet dinner at Zende Restaurant in Seri Pacific Hotel as I had won a gift voucher as a lucky draw gift during my annual company meeting. The following are some of the pictures taken during dinner. The buffet spread offers varities of food ranging from local dishes, western and even japanese food. So, do look at this post when you're full coz it is full of yummylicious stuffs.. Yum yum!

Hubby posing for me before we start our 'makan' session..

This 2 fruit juices cost us RM 41 incl tax.. So expensive! But what d heck coz the buffet is free.. Guess we need to take it with a pinch of salt..

My first serving for dinner...

Mussels and Oysters Gratin..

Grilled 'pari' fish and salmon...

We had shashimi too!

There is varities of dessert at buffet spread too. It ranges from cakes to traditional 'kuih', 'tong sui', puddings and of course ice-cream. Here's some of the pictures I had managed to snapped before we 'salvaged' them.. *OMG, Burp! I am so full*

' Kuih-muih' as part of the dessert selections..

Fruits chocolate fondue.. It consists of strawberries, grapes and honeydew...

Cakes, cakes and more cakes.. My fave cheesecake topped with strawberries.. Too sinful!

I guessed this dining experience is indeed fun for me coz this is the first time I am snapping the photos of the food that I took outside beside those home cook food photos. When I am busy looking or rather checking out for food at the buffet spread, Hubby managed to snap some pictures of me too.

Me trying to be cheeky here at the buffet spread when I realised Hubby was taking pictures of me.....

OMG! I am so full, but still can pose for the camera la... Hehe...

Both of us are so full when we were leaving the restaurant and I barely can walk anymore. I think I had been too greedy trying out too much of food there. Hmm, therefore I guessed that I need to starve myself for a few days just to hope to balance back the calories that I had took tonite. *Dreaming and hope I can make it*... Wakakakaka.. :)


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