Weekend In Ipoh

Saturday, April 4, 2009

We went back to Ipoh last weekend for 'Qing Ming' Festival a.k.a All Soul's Day, also known as the Tombs Sweeping Festival which falls on April 5th every year except for leap years when the festival falls on April 4th. This year will be the first year that I had joined the Chan's clans for this festival. As usual, being the blur 'sotong' in the group, I'll just follow all the instructions given to me by the elders.

Of course normally when we were back in Ipoh, all we CAN or WILL do are EAT, EAT and EAT. So here's snapshots of Hubby's waiting for his food to arrive in one of the Kopitiam (Yee Fatt) we frequently visited for their dry curry mee during our visits back to Ipoh..

The famous 'Ipoh White Coffee'

Hubby waiting for his food....

And still waiting... That's the SOP in Ipoh makan places..

* Sorry folks - no pics of the food coz I failed to get a good shot of them...* *SLAP HEAD*

During this visit to Ipoh, Brother and Sister in Law brought their two lovely daughters along with them, Samantha and Stella. I had managed to snap a few pictures of cute lil' Stella. Here's some of her snap shots...

Cute lil' Stella

Isn't she a darling..


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