Lunch Bento #10 (Musical Bear in the Garden of Vege)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Overall look of the bento

Top layer

Beary eggs with salmon furikare on the Onigiri

Saying HI to the person who open the bento..

As been said in my earlier post, there will be the streaky bacon wrapped enoki mushroom in Hubby's bento for today. I decided to try out on the bear egg mould that I had purchased earlier. It is not as easy as been illustrated in the diagram to prepare the bear shaped egg. At the end, I had resorted into trimming it myself to get a better shape with a knife.. Well, the mould does help to form the shape of bear but with a little more effort from my knife to get a better result. So for his bento today -

Top layer - honey teriyaki kitchen, bacon wrapped enoki mushroom, crab sticks and eggs

Bottom layer - onigiri sprinkled with salmon furikare, eggs, corns and peas

*Note to myself - I need to start using more green leafy vege as part of my bento preparation*


alice said...

what a fun way to eat Bento!

pearly said...

a lot of effort to create tat little details!! nice :D

twinklestar said...

Thanks Pearly! How are u? Are u in HK now?

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