Egg and Sausage Tortilla Wraps

Thursday, July 30, 2009

As much as you can read from the title, this simple tortilla wrap was my dinner tonight. Thursday night = Hubby's night with his gang for badminton sessions. As I am pretty much exhausted mentally and physically the whole week trying to catch up and reaching my target for my work. Therefore, I am kinda lazy to even think of what to have for dinner. Since the tortilla were pretty much 'crying' out loud asking me to 'eat' them; or shall I say I need to eat them before their expiry date, I had decided to make use of whatever sitting my fridge to prepare a simple and wholesome meal for my dinner.

My usual 'tenant' in my fridge were 'Mr. Sunny Egg' and 'Ms. Hot Sausage' and not forgetting 'Mrs Lettuce' and 'Mdm Red Tomatoes'. So I had used all of them and Voila ------- My wholesome Tortilla Wraps were ready and sitting at the dining table for me to savour them.. OMG, I think I am really going nuts with naming all the raw ingredients in my food by calling them names. What to do rite? We need to chill out and let our imaginations run wild once a while especially after a whole week of stress. I am just so glad that I had managed to pull thru and achieve my goal this month. But now I am beginning to worry about the next month. Just hope things will be running smoothly in August too. Till then, let me go and enjoy my dinner first....

My yummy dinner

The wrap was simple but it's fulfilling enough for me.. :)


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