Restoran Soon Kee

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dinner tonight is around the neighbourhood. We headed to one of our usual 'tai chow' restaurant in Setia Alam - Restoran Soon Kee. Since my god-sister was around, she had the privilege to order the food. Out of the 4 items that we had for dinner, 3 of the dishes were picked by her. First thing she order was fu yong egg followed by butter prawns and lastly sweet sour pork. As usual, teenagers will tend to forget about the vegetables dishes. So, that's our call; we ordered spinach with superior stock so that we will have greens and also can be served as a soup.

Overall, the food was good but the spinach in superior soup for tonight was lacking in terms of the taste. I tasted better version from this place. Maybe due to overwhelming customers coming in for tonight, the quality dropped a bit. The rest of the dishes were okay since there were no complains from my god-sister.

Sweet Sour Pork

Butter Prawns

Spinach in Superior Stock

Fu Yong Egg


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