MGS Gathering at Bubba Gump Shrimp

Saturday, July 4, 2009

It was a fun filled gathering for the 12 of us tonight. We had a gathering among our secondary school friends in Bubba Gump Shrimp Sunway Pyramid. As usual, the date and time had to be decided much earlier in order to accommodate the majority of us. I'll say that yesterday gathering was a successful one coz there were 12 of us sitting together chatting and gossiping about our current lives and etc. This gathering was able to happen thanks to our dear organiser, MC who had taken the trouble to book the venue and sent reminders to us as the date was getting nearer. THUMBS UP - MC!! ^clap clap^

So you guys must be wondering who went for our gathering that night? Had a good look at the pictures to see for yourself (of coz this is only applicable to those who know us lar... hehe)

The 'quiet' 12 for the nite.. I think the whole restaurant must have heard our laughter... Too loud liao...

Since there were 12 of us, we had order a lot of different types of food on the menu. So have a look at the stuffs we had for our gathering...

*Note: some of the food might not be correctly labeled coz I had practically glanced at the menu checking out for my drink only.. The rest of the food was ordered by other gals who were regular patron in Bubba Gump.

Run Across America Sampler

Chipotle Shrimp

Shrimper's Heaven -consist of different types of shrimps - prepared in various ways

Bottom part of Shrimper's Heaven - fries, coleslaw and dipping sauce (3 types)

Classic Caesar Salad

Shrimper's Net Catch of the Day

Chicken with mashed potatoes, corn and coleslaw

Bourbon Street Barramundi

Onion rings - loved the way the presented it...

Calamari Rings - I find this overly salty...

Shrimps Linguini

Err... Can't google the name for this but its fried shrimps, fish fillets with fries

Chocolate Cookie Sundae - our dessert.. Yummy!

We had a great time during the makan session. So I suppose our next possible gathering should be to celebrate baby shower or full moon celebration???


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