Restoran Yang Kee

Saturday, July 18, 2009

After picking my god-sister from her hostel today, we went to Taman OUG for our lunch. Our destination for lunch today was Restoran Yang Kee located in the same row as Steven's Corner. This place was famous for beef noodles and stewed beef with white radish but surprisingly the three of us didn't order any of these food. I was never really a beef lover and god-sister due to religion reason can't consume beef but the surprise came from Hubby. He was a beef lover but he didn't order their specialities beef dishes too. He and I ordered minced pork dry noodle and the the noodle came with a selection of either pork balls or beef balls. Since this restaurant was all about beef, both of us chooses beef balls. Our beloved cheeky god-sister choose minced pork soup noodles with pork balls.

Both types of noodles (dry/soupy version) were good. I love their noodles texture. It was soft but yet chewy enough. The minced pork coated with dark soya sauce was good too! This place is definitely worth a second visit. I hoped to order their speciality dish next round.

Minced pork noodles dry version with beef balls

Minced pork noodles soupy version with pork balls


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