Japanese Curry

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am always a fan of Japanese cuisine and of course Japanese curry. Japanese curry is not as hot and spicy as our local curry but it tasted good as well. I love the smooth and creamy texture of this type of curry. I had bought a pack of Japanese curry mix sometime ago in Cold Storage. The thought of having yummy Japanese curry in the comfort of our home had prompted me to cook it today. The taste was similar to the ones we normally had outside in Japanese restaurant but of course with a smaller price tag.

I had snapped a picture tutorial in making this delicious curry as I think it would be good for you guys to know that Japanese curry can be prepared easily in our own kitchen. Another frugal way for us to enjoy Japanese food. :)

Japanese curry mix sauce bought from Cold Storage.

Open up the box, you can see the plastic container containing Japanese curry mix sauce.

I had used half of the curry mix ingredient. That's how it looks inside the plastic container.

Saute 1 medium onion, 1 carrot and 3 potatoes until it gets slightly brown. Add 3 cups of water into the pot and simmer it with medium heat for 15 minutes.

Japanese curry mix looks like chocolate right?

Break the curry mix into smaller cubes and add into the boiling water with other ingredients.

Stir well until the curry mix is well mixed.

Stir occasionally for 10 minutes. The curry is ready to be serve.

End result - yummylicious smooth curry.


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