Birthday Dinner at Wong Poh Restaurant

Sunday, May 24, 2009

After dozens of messages discussion over Facebook, we had finally decided on the venue for our 'makan' cum birthday celebrations gathering. It will be in Restoran Wong Poh in Bukit Mayang Mas, PJ. As per my earlier post, I'll bring over a cake as well for the gathering. As usual Malaysian style, everybody was late for the dinner except me and Hubby. Yeah! We are on time, sharp at 6pm!!! So guys, must be punctual ya next time especially to CW who said he won't be late since he stays the nearest.. :P *Just kidding*

So what's our menu for the day? Have a look yourself on the pictures posted below.

Stir fry vege

Steamed Salted Chicken

Salad Taufu - we love the way they presented it..

Salted egg crab - THUMBS UP!

Butter Crab - nice but lack of gravy

All the dishes we ordered except mantau that came late...

Birthday gal and boy of the month of May

Birthday boy cutting cake

My creation - banana cake with frosting.. Again it's too sweet even after I had reduced the amount...

All of us had great time during the gathering. Just imagine, we actually sat there for more than 3 hours chit chatting non-stop which proves that all us are really '8'. Hehe... Come to think of it, it's nice to have this kinda gathering once a while to catch up on each other lives. :)


DaNieL_YiP 大牛叶 said...

Regretted to come here at the late of the night with an empty stomach...


twinklestar said...

Hehe... Dun le angry.. U come back PJ - we go out and eat... :)

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