Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tiramisu is one of the latest additions to “traditional” Italian cooking. Tiramisu comes from the word 'tira' which means pick; 'mi' meaning me; and 'su' meaning up. Therefore, literally means 'pick me up'. This dessert definately can put a smile to any individual. It can be prepared in advance and kept in freezer. I was searching high and low for one of the ingredient sponge finger for Tiramisu and finally found it in Cold Storage. By the way, mascarpone cheese definately is very EXPENSIVE. I shall substitute mascarpone cheese with cream cheese the next time I am preparing it again.


Sponge fingers, cut into sections

2 egg yolks
50g sugar
2 tbsp Grand Marnier

1 tbsp gelatine
35g water

250g mascarpone cheese

150g whipped cream

Coffee Syrup
150g water
80g sugar
4 tbsp instant coffee powder
2 tbsp Kahlua

Cocoa powder


  1. Cut sponge fingers into sections.
  2. Whisk (A) over a pan of simmering water until it thickens.
  3. Premix (B) and place over a pot of hot water. Stir until gelatine dissolves. Add it into (A) and mix until well blended. Set aside to cool for a while.
  4. Beat (C) until smooth. Fold it into the above mixture and mix until well blended.
  5. Fold in (D) and mix until well blended.
  6. Prepare serving glasses. Fill in the glasses with some cheese filling. Moist the sponge fingers in the coffee syrup. Place them into the glasses.
  7. Fill 1/2 of the glass with the cheese filling. Then top it with moist sponge fingers.
  8. Top it with cheese filling and refrigerate until firm.
  9. Remove from the fridge. Dust with cocoa powder.

Coffee syrup: Cook water and sugar until it boils. Add instant coffee powder and mix till well blended. Let it cool. Add Kahlua and mix until well blended.


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