Dinner with God-sista....

Friday, September 11, 2009

We decided to have our dinner in New Paris Restaurant in SS2 after fetching my god-sis from her hostel. A place that never fails us in terms of the waiting time for the food. After ordering, within 15 minutes our dinner was served on the table. Yeah, that's one of the criteria that we like when we dined in this place. Food were good and served fast. I was trying out my new lens and since I got a model tonight, I was busy snapping her pictures. Well, just wondering how does my god-sis looks like? Taaa taaa taaa daaa.... Here's a snap shot of her......

My cheeky God-sista, with the rice cover to hide her face... Teenagers don't like to have their pictures taken I think...

I realised the serving size of the food has shrunk as compare to previously. Maybe it's because of cost factors rising, thus the smaller portion of food. Taste wise, they were still good. So at the end I needed to order another vegetable for the 3 of us. Since I am busy eating when the last dish came, I forget to snap the last dish. Our dinner for the day --------

Champagne Chicken

Deep fried tofu with minced meat

Stir-fry vege

As usual, a pot of rice were placed on every table


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