Ipoh's Famous Hakka Mee in Paris?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wondering where we can have nice springy Hakka Mee in Paris? Oopps.. or should I say Ipoh. This famous Hakka Mee stall had been around for decades in Ipoh and apparently had shifted to Paris; errrm maybe I should be more precise the noodle stall were located in a coffeeshop called Restoran Paris situated at Located on Jalan Sultan Iskandar near by the Ipoh new town police station (right after the traffic light (on your left) as you head towards old town).

The noodles were firm and rich with egg flavour. It taste rather bland if you eat them on it's own. However with the minced pork topping garnish on the noodles, the taste was perfect. The saltiness of the minced pork when combined with the noodle was just great. They compliment each other well. They offered varieties of 'liu' too such as tou fu, fish ball and meat balls. I love the meat balls the most. It was firm and bouncy.

Paris in Ipoh..

Signage for their stall

Springy and flavourful Hakka Mee

Different varieties of balls; fish balls, meat balls and another type of fish balls I think....


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