Medan Selera Stadium Ipoh

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is our last stop before heading back to get our Chee Cheung Fun order - Medan Selera Stadium Ipoh. After getting the taste of the best Tau Fu Far and Mah Chee in Ipoh town. We were here to quench our thirst and Hubby ordered Rojak too. So our itinerary today were filled with food, food and food. Our calories counter are really moving up fast! Must exercise more liao.

The seats at the Medan Selera

Wan Tau Long -jelly with ice

Kum Quat drink

Fruit Rojak - Hubby commented Ipoh's rojak sauce is the best. He can't find it anywhere in KL


Sue Me said...

You should try the Rojak in Lok Woi Kui in New Town. It's opposite the Salty Chicken place. The sauce is awesome!

Twinklestar said...

I shall ask my Hubby on this place... Thanks for ur recommendation..

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