Hubby's Pre-Birthday Celebration...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Since there's two Sept boys for this month, we headed to Taste Good Restaurant in Puchong for an early birthday celebration for Hubby and CW. I had planned to bake a cake for the dinner and used it for Hubby's birthday cake since we wouldn't be around in KL during his birthday. So no baking for fresh cake on his exact birthday. There's a total of six of us inclusive of the lil brat who were with us this weekend for this dinner celebration. I had actually googled for new places to eat and spotted this restaurant. Thus here we are in Puchong venturing for new gastronomic adventures. Some of the dishes are good and the rest are just above average. Pricing wise was slightly on the higher side as compared to the normal places we went for dinner. I think I am getting used to the food pricing in Klang already thus making me feels the other restaurant are pricier nowadays.

I love the steamed fish the most, it's fresh, juicy and not forgetting the gravy was fantastic! The chicken platter which was recommended by the waiter actually fails my expectation. It was just simple stir-fry chicken with some vege plus the prawn crackers. I thought it will be good as the waiter was telling us that we were lucky since we came early and should order this dish. He was telling me the dish normally will be sold out during the peak dinner hour. The taufu and steamed eggs are pretty normal dishes just like those served in other restaurant. So will I come again for second round? I doubt so since I have better alternatives... *wink wink*....

Steamed Fish - very nice... but i forgot what fish is this.... Hehe..

Chef recommendation - chicken platter. I felt that it is average only.

Sheung Ping Taufu - something different. I think the gravy was made from pumpkin..

Steamed Tri-eggs

Stir-fry greenies..

Cake cutting ceremony...

A slice of blueberry yogurt cake anyone?

What's left after the cake eating session..


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