The Earliest Breakfast I Had In A Restaurant

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My phone alarm went off at 5.55am in the morning today. Why am I up so early in a non-working morning. The alarm was to wake me up to get ready for breakfast. You guys must be wondering why on earth do I need to move my lazy ass up so early in the morning just for BREAKFAST. I was wondering the same thing too but this early morning breakfast plan was planned by me actually. After washing up, I woke Hubby up too. Yeah, we were heading for Dim Sum breakfast in the famous Foh San Restaurant with a friend, LYH. After picking him up, we were all ready and set to savour some yummylicious piping hot Dim Sum. We were there at 6.30am. Foh San Dim Sum, here we are!! By the way, they had shifted from their old location to a new location (3 double story shop lots adjoining together).
Their new premise - a fresher and modern look

Foh San Restaurant

To my horror, it was already packed with customers. There's not a single table that it's empty and it was just 6.30am. Yup, you saw it correctly, I was saying 6.30am. Every corner of the restaurant were filled with people eating. Of coz there's still lots of customers waiting to get a seat/table. As the Chinese saying, 'People Mountain People Sea' in Foh San.

'People Mountain People Sea'

Waiting and waiting....

Luckily, there are chairs for the elderly to sit while the younger ones looking out for a table

Finally, we managed to get a table.

New menu boards displaying food items served in the restaurant

They look so appetising from the pictures. A total revamp from the old Foh San.

Dim Sum served in carts

What's in the Dim Sum baskets??

Every items ordered on the table will be ticked on the respective rows according to their price

They have their own plates too... A good branding reminder ya..

A cup of tea to quench our thirst after savouring Dim Sum

Har Kow - nice and juicy shrimps

Siew Mai

Prawns Chee Cheung Fun

Big Pau

Yu Mai

Char Siew Pau

Love the gravy oozing out from the juicy Char Siew filling

Loh Mai Fan - very flavourful with the dried shrimps

I loved their new premises. The ambience and warm lightings created a modern feel in my opinion. Will I come back for more? Of course but I think I'll choose a non holiday week to patronized them.


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