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Sunday, September 6, 2009

I had a meet up with secondary school friends for dinner today in Restoran Boston Baru. As expected, the dinner crowd in the restaurant was very packed. Luckily, SF and Hubby came earlier and ordered the dishes. I really can't imagine how long we will need to wait in order to have our food on the table if we waited for each and everyone of us to be present. Thanks SF and Hubby for the fast reaction. :) So while waiting for the food to be served, as usual the total 11 of us were busy chit-chatting and talking. I love the pictures taken during our meet up this time coz the lens used were CC's - Nikkor 50mm f/ 1.8. Love the sharpness and of coz it's great for taking portraits. Now I am really tempted to get this lens since I heard so many good reviews and recommendation from friends. Tempted tempted..... *evil grin* Wanna know what we had for dinner tonight? Scroll down and let the pictures tell you...

Nestum Mantis Prawn (Recommended)

Stir-fried Kai Lan

Stir-fried Yau Mak

Teo Chew Style Steamed Fish

Claypot Chicken (Nice, worth to try)

Ultimate Spare Ribs aka 'Pai Kuat Wong'

Steamed Lala (Recommended)

Wondering where is Restoran Boston Baru located? It's along Jalan Kapar. The landmark for this place is next to Lembaga Tabung Haji and opposite Kamdar. Happy searching and feasting this piece of 'gem' in Klang.


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